Mission statement

Our mission is a fundamental component of the corporate culture within the gbd Group and forms the basis for our actions and decision taking.


We are convinced that

  • respectful interaction, whether within the company or with our customers
  • appreciation of the work of others
  • mutual support and joint mastering of challenges and problems
  • an active internal exchange of knowledge and investment in continuous training
  • promotion of employee motivation
  • the ability to listen and
  • a measure of modesty and courage

provide the foundation of our success.


We are endeavouring to live this culture of cooperation. Hence, because every individual contributes his/her knowledge, commitment, experience and creativity with confidence and responsibility, we are almost always able to

  • reconcile our work with the highest demands on quality set by ourselves
  • contribute more than the services provided demand
  • act as a team
  • be a reliable and predictable partner for our customers by adhering to agreements, undertakings and deadlines
  • think creatively and constructively and arrive at commensurate solutions
  • plan economically and act sustainably
  • self-critically scrutinise our performance and learn from errors
  • fulfil our economic and socio-cultural responsibilities.