Quality control

Set-up, monitoring and approvals

The introduction of a quality management system is a strategic decision by an organisation with the objective of increasing overall performance and forming a solid basis for sustainable development initiatives. The potential advantages are:

  1. The ability to consistently supply products and services which meet customer requirements as well as pertinent statutory and regulatory requirements.
  2. The opening of opportunities for increasing customer satisfaction.
  3. The treatment of risks and opportunities in relation to their context and objectives.
  4. The ability to verify conformity with specified requirements of the quality management system.
  5. mit festgelegten Anforderungen des Qualitätsmanagementsystems nachzuweisen.
Our range of services:
  • Factory production control systems for e.g. ISO 3834, ISO 14555, EN ISO 14554, EN 1090, EN 15085, EN 13830, EN 14351-1, ASME Code, DGRL
  • Welding coordination, test supervisors, quality control
  • Approval in structural and mechanical engineering
  • Monitoring according to LBO [State Building Code] (Recognition by DIBt) [German Institute for Building Technology]
  • Glazing, SG Bonding