Test laboratory and inspection body

Accredited and notified test laboratory according to EN ISO/IEC 17025

Our examiners in Dornbirn have experience of many years in the planning, manufacture and fitting of windows, doors, facades and completions. Our expertise forms the basis for an optimised inspection schedule of product lines and systems. In the sectors of metallography, destructive physical analysis (DPA) and non-destructive testing (NDT), comprehensive powers exist in the accredited sector. Specialist welding engineers, welding technologists and levels II and III materials testers contribute to the safety of components through their experience. As accredited and notified test laboratory we issue approved test certification according to diverse technical specifications, throughout Europe.

Glass and facade construction
  • Windows, doors, gates, facades
  • Blinds and shutters
  • Acoustics (airborne and impact sound)
  • Locks and building fittings
  • Plastics
  • Pendulum impact tests
  • Burglar-resistance tests
  • Endurance testing
  • Climates
  • Avalanche protection
  • Heat transfer calculations

  • Metal, composite and plastic fixings
  • Component testing

Material testing
  • ZfP - Non-destructive testing
  • ZP – Destructive testing
  • Metallography

Cableways and tow lifts
  • Testing of cableways
  • Testing of tow lifts
  • Testing according to cableway legislation
  • Testing after re-erection of a cableway
  • Supplementary testing to cableway testing ordinance
  • Magnetic inductive cable testing
  • Safety reports
  • Safety analyses
  • 20 Person according to cableway law

Notified Bodyas inspection authority
  • Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011 - Construction Products
  • Directive 2014/68/EU - Pressure Equipment Directive

Monitoring and certification body according to the state building regulations by DIBt (German Institute for Building Technology)

  • Approval groups 4.1/2
  • Approval groups 9/1 and 9/2

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Accredited inspection body according to EN ISO/IEC 17020

Do you require support for product approval? Are you looking for a partner for supplier evaluation? Do you have to verify the conformity of products and processes to precise specifications? The experts of the accredited test body type A (independent test body) support you with test activities in the sector of materials testing, welding technology, cableways and technical plant and equipment.

ZfP - Acceptance levels
  • RT, UT, MT, PT, VT
  • Fusion welds
  • Arc welds
  • Resistance welding
  • Hard soldering
  • Electrode and laser-beam welds
  • Stud welding
  • Arc welding
  • Production weld testing
  • Welding procedure tests
  • Friction welding
  • Welding of reinforcement steel

  • Testing of cableways
  • Testing of tow lifts
  • Magnetic inductive cable testing

Fire protection
  • Fire resistant doorsets
  • Smoke control doorsets
  • Glazed constructions

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Accredited Calibration Body according to EN ISO/IEC 17025

Based on EN ISO/IEC 17025 gbd Lab GmbH, as part of the gbd Group, has expanded its range of services to include the accredited calibration body. With this step gbd has legitimate accreditation as a test body, technical service body, calibration body and product certification body.

As part of the first accreditation the following measurement parameters were incorporated into the scope of accreditation:

Flow meter for water: 9 dm³/min – 100 dm³/min

Differential pressure: 0 Pa – 10 kPa

Absolute pressure: 0.1 MPa – 2.5 Mpa

Hardness testing machines: HV1, HV5, HV10

Linear change equipment: 20 µm – 60 mm

Pendulum impact testing machines: 1 J – 750 J

Static uniaxial testing machines: 10 N – 600 kN (pull and pressure) 30 kN – 3 MN (pressure)

Should you have any queries, our staff in Vienna and Dornbirn will be pleased to help:

Markus Kreuz, Vienna
T +43 699 134 938 17

Mathias Ludescher, Dornbirn
T +43 699 166 656 01

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